Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Delicious Breakfast

This is a  photo of my delicious breakfast from Friday

Plain Dannon Yogurt
Grape Nuts

Look at those beautiful numbers on that nutrition label above! 

With my that breakfast concoction I threw together I got 15g of Protein, 7g of Fiber, 12% of my Vitamin A requirement, 58% of my Vitamin C requirement, 42% of my Calcium requirement, and 34% of my Iron requirement!

So, tell me, what did you have for breakfast this morning?

How much of each of the recommended daily requirements did your breakfast fulfill?

If you are like I was 7+ months ago, you can probably answer the first question pretty easily, but have no clue how to answer the second question.  I would say if you asked most Americans those two questions the case would be the same:

First question - no problem!
Second question - "HUH? Recommend daily what?"

Well, I know where you can find a whole group of (mostly) Americans that could answer both questions with certainty!  They could also tell you how much sodium, fat and carbs they've had for the day.  They know every day if they've met their recommend daily allowances of Vitamins A & C, Protein, Calcium & Iron too!

You ask, "Where are these people, Garcia?  Are they on some crazy, nutritional, commune somewhere?"

Nope, they are right here on the World Wide Web at Nutrimirror
My own personal journey to better health began on August 7, 2009. I decided I was going to start logging my food online to keep better track of my calorie intake. I happened upon a free online food journal called Nutrimirror® and I've been there ever since! So far I've lost 37 lbs and I have been eating healthier than I probably ever had in my entire life!

Nutrimirror® is so much more than "just a food journal" though, it's a community of very caring and loyal users who support each other. It is is a simple tool that lets the individual play the central role in meeting personal health goals. Some of the people who use the site are there to lose weight, other to gain and still other to maintain. No matter what your individual nutrition goal is Nutrimirror can help you meet it!

The Nutrimirror® system is accurate and user friendly — easy to understand, easy to navigate. In fact, once you've become familiar with the system's interface and tools, you should spend no more than ten to twenty minutes of logging each day to get all the information you need to successfully manage your weight and nutritional balance.

Nutrimirror® can be used to lose, gain or simply maintain your weight. When you focus on feeding your body properly you can reap the benefits of achieving your optimum weight, but more importantly, you can improve your health! I really can't say enough good things about this excellent tool and the wonderful people who have brought it to us.

Important Note: Ask Garcia does not receive any endorsement compensation from Nutrimirror® for shamelessly promoting their website all over her blog... she just loves them so much because of all she has received from using their wonderful, free website she wants to return the favor and point others in their direction so they can begin their own journey to better health too!


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Rachel said...

I'm with you, Garcia! I've been using NutriMirror for just over a year now. I lost 20+ lbs, but more important, I've maintained that loss now for over 6 months. And the best part is that NM has given me the tools and knowledge to maintain this for the rest of my life.

It's easy to use, it's free, and it's changed my life. It's given me such control over what I eat, and since my food intake is so much healthier now, it's lead me to a very good sense of well-being. I've never been happier.

cfwells77 said...

I've been a member of NutriMirror since January 2009. So far, I've lost 42 pounds, and gained a world of knowledge of what my eating habits were doing to me, both nutritionally and physically. I would also recommend NM to anyone. It's not just for those who'd like to lose weight. But if you do have some weight you'd like to lose, this is the place to start.

KarynD said...

For breakfast today I had Greek yogurt with honey and trail mix stirred into it, one of the most delicious combinations you can imagine!

I've been a member of NM since July 2009; I have lost 65 pounds, more than my original goal! I have been maintaining my weight loss since 1/1/10. Before NM I had no idea what eating healthy even meant. Now I have the tool I need to make sure I am in balance. Once you get your nutrition in balance, and eat the alloted, calculated-just-for-you weight loss calories, the weight melts off while you are busy learning to actually love all the foods that bring you to balance. The site is pure genius and I could not be happier for the miracle that brought NM into my life!

Joanne said...

I've been a member of NM since July 09, and have lost over 30 lbs in that time. I absolutely love the power and insight that NM gives me. I know I can take control of my diet and lose weight if I need to; I also have confidence that I can maintain the loss long-term. I believe the user community of NM is at least 50% responsible for my success--by answering the questions that can't be answered simply by looking at my numbers. NM ROCKS!

Dena said...

I had oatmeal with flaxseed, cinnamon and brown sugar - one of my favorite breakfasts!

I've been on NM for almost a year, it helped me finish my weight loss I had started and now maintain that loss. I think one of the best things it has done for my health is brought sodium and fiber to my attention. Even though I had been eating healthy for a year prior to NM, I had never once given those two very important things any thought! I figured if I didn't have high blood pressure, I didn't need to worry about sodium! How wrong I was!

I will never have to worry about my weight being out of control because I will always have NM!

don said...

I have been a member of NutriMirror since Jan 3 of this year...This is truly the one place I recommend for those who are seriously wanting to change their lifestyle of what they eat...when you embark on this journey of proper nutrition, the extra pounds go away...I lost 31 pounds so far just by understanding the right way to eat...Thanks to NM I now believe that a slow approach to weight loss is so much better than an instantly gratifing extreme calorie deprival program that is short on loss and short on return...Nutrimirror is for the those who want the the Life-Long process...

The Path Traveled said...

I found NutriMirror, which totally turned mine and my husbands eating habits around. I am so thankful we did too. NutriMirror click here is not a diet, and believe me, I've tried them all! I have lost weight with some, but always gained it back ,plus more. NutriMirror taught me how; is still teaching me how. The support I get from people I have never talked to in person, never meet, is so rewarding. I feel so much friendship, like I have known them all my life. My weight, and my husbands dropped off like taking an onion and peeling it layer for layer to find there is a butterfly in the middle.
Well, …. Its been seven months doing and taking care of ME!
I am very proud of the new me, I and my husband over met our weight goals, we now walk and run, have new wardrobes, look better, act better, smile and laugh more, and the best part…..we are not letting food control our lives anymore.
I weigh 115 now and the hubby 148. click here

Taflin said...

I have been a member of NM since Feb 09. Since that time I have lost 55 lbs. However, this has been far more than a weight loss journey. The number on the scale has become less important than physical and mental changes that have taken place in my life. With the help of NM and its members, I have become more aware of what I put in my body to fuel it and eliminate as much of the man-made stuff as possible. NM not only helps you lose weight, it changes lives.

Stockh01 said...

I found nutrimirror when I was just looking for some way of tracking my intake. I joined in May of 2009, and have lost 55 lbs. I cannot even begin to speak about the overwhelming gratitude I have to this site and its creators, members, and friends. (Yes, I count all NM'ers as friends). Nutrimirror, to me, is a roadmap to health. All you need to do is follow the map. How easy is that? No specific meal plans that you don't understand, no cutting out specific parts of your diet, no miracle drug to take that will surely lead you back to weight gain when you stop taking it. Purely simple, healthy goals. Able to meet everyone’s needs and personal preferences/lifestyles/indulgences. Man I love that place. Thanks for the soapbox Garcia! I will step down now.

Jessica said...

I LOVE NUTRIMIRROR!! This awesome site has changed the way I relate to food forever!! Which means I will maintain my weight and give my body all the nutrients it needs and I will be healthy and live to a ripe old age. Gone are the days of gaining/losing/gaining again. I can still have those days of eating a little too much, say, of the brownies my son "made" me bake, because I am totally conscious of what else has gone in my mouth for that day. Thank you, Ray family and all staff of NM!! I love you!!

jimray said...

It's true: When we give, we get back so much more in return. The affirmtion and the feelings expressed here puddle me.

Thanks you, Garcia, and all of your friends at NM that have so generously responded to your appeal.

cwerner said...

NM is such an awesome site :-) i can keep track of how much i'm exercising, if i'm meeting my nutritional requirements, track my positive body changes, and keep up with my health in so many ways! it's really important for me to have NM in my life--my mom was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, was operated on, and began chemotherapy. now, she has "recovered" but is back to her old eating habits. I know I have the gene for this cancer, but NM is the best preventative tool a person can ask for!

thanks for posting, garcia!

Amy said...

Me too me too! I heart NM. :D

Brett Bailey said...

I'm with you, Garcia! I love Nutrimirror! I joined in Oct 2009 and have lost 26 pounds, from size 12-14 to size 4-6. 26 pounds in five months! And with all the knowledge I learned on the site, both from tracking my own intake and the helpful comments of others, I have the ability to keep eating for health (and a healthy weight) for a lifetime.

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