Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Things You Might Not Know

My friend, Queen Gwennie, had a really neat post the other day on her blog My Dewdrops. She got the idea from The LPM Blog where Beth Moore asked her readers to tell ten things about themselves that others may not know. I thought it was such a neat idea I am using it as today's post.

Following Are 10 Things You May Not Know About Garcia:

1. I am a very big chicken and can't watch scary movies of any kind! My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds and I can't even watch that immediately before I go to sleep or I have nightmares!

2. I used to work for AT&T as a telephone operator (back in the day when you dialed zero and got a live person!)

3. I've had over 14 surgeries. (I've lost track of the actual number!)

4. I'm ridiculously insecure (but I'm working on it with the help of God!)

5. Despite my fairly poor vision, I am a pretty good shot at the shooting range.

6. I worked for 10 or 11 years as a manicurist before I went back to college and got a teaching degree in Special Education.

7. I have been married three times. Yup. Three. But I know this time I finally got it RIGHT!

8. I spent the first 40 years of my life living in New Jersey. (No, not Joisey, Jersey! We don't ALL sound like we are from the Sopranos, people!)

9. I'm afraid of being alone in my house at night.

10. My dream car is a candy apple red Corvette!

So now it's your turn to play! 

 Click on the comment button below and tell us 10 things about yourself! Just pick 10 thing right off the top of your head. Pick things that we would only know about you if we knew you really well. 10 random things that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don't go for deep. Go for quirky. Don't try to put them in any kind of order and don't make them long. Just start typing! And have fun with it!

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don said...

1. I use to own a 1970 candy apple red corvette convertable.
2. Been married 4 times...finally got it right...
3. Love to shoot...just put on a fun pistol shoot for the men at church last Saturday...
4. I have had 3 back operations, 3 knee, 2 hand, 1 shoulder, 1 nose...lasik eye,that's all I can remember...
5. I was the past President of Tandy Leather Co.
6. Born in California but grew up in Montana and graduated from the Air Force Academy HS in Colorado...
7. I'm a Viet Nam Veteran...spent the war watching Russia move warhead missles around so we could counter with our warheads...
8. Had a country music band in the 70's and 80's...
9. Came to know the Lord late in life...7 years ago...
10. I'm an optimist and motivator...

Garcia said...

And you are the best twin brother born 14 years ahead of me ever!

Stockh01 said...

1. I am addicted to psychology. (which typically means I over think things)
2. I am very confident and brave to the outside world and take the cloak off when I get home, and grow insecure and question myself.
3. I am better at completing things for myself if I can find a reason it will be better for someone else. (i.e. I am now a runner because it's a good influence for my kids, and they now enjoy racing too. I know....)
4. I am a logical thinker, which makes it difficult to connect with emotional folks at times. (just as my hubby he's full of them)
5. (sorry Garcia) - as a child I loved horror films and used them to torture my older brother who had nightmares as a result.
6. I am amazed at the amount of people at the top of Corporate America who really don't have a clue.
7. I find peace in doodling nonsense, then try to find the overall secret message in the doodle.(I might be subconsciously trying to tell myself something...LOL it could happen!)
8. I don't enjoy casino's at all. Never have.
9. I love sitting in an empty field with nothing for miles and daydream, look for God's beauty in simple creations that others might not see.
10. I wanted to be a Broadway star all through high school.

This was fun. Thanks.

Uncle Steve said...

As a fellow NMer here's my 10 things:

1. I was born with blond hair (which turned dark brown as a child).

2. In 7th grade I wore a baseball hat 24/7 for a full year (and started to lose my hair)

3. Even if you ask, I won't discuss my prison experience.

4. I MAY have an extra toe.

5. I like Cap'N Crunch but he doesn't answer me when I ask him questions.

6. Boxers

7. I have never been convicted of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme

8. My best friend Adam got me so drunk on Bacardi 151 that to this day I can't drink it.

9. As a child, I was deathly afraid of Dracula. As an adult, I'm deathly afraid of Jessica Simpson.

10. I love pasta so much I once tried to marry it. See number 3.

Jessica said...

1. never been married.
2. wait. Yes, I have, to an Iranian so he could get his green card.
3. I only get to vaccuuming about every two weeks - and I have three cats and a dog.
4. I believe in ghosts.
5. I used to have a pet terantula.
6. My first career was as a travel agent.
7. I spent a summer on a 42-foot purse seiner in Southeast Alaska on the led line and as the cook enslaved to five men who didn't give a rat's ass whether I slept or not.
8. I lied about my sister's near death experience to get off of the boat in number 7.
9. I was a theater arts major in college.
10. I once road my horse to school, an eight-mile trip.

jimray said...

1. If you asked for 10 leading vices, I would likely list 10 virtues: ie, I'm "too nice" for my own good. I am such a human.

2. Certain lines of poetry, prose, even the first story my mother told me as a child that I remember, "The 3 Little Pigs", haunt me. I always play them over in my mind finding new things about myself and the world. Walking today it was Dylan Thomas on dying --- "we leave this world not with a bang, but a whimper".

3. As a young man 19-21 I earned an Equity Card for stage-acting. I had the requisite ego--but no talent.

4. I am agnostic. My wife, Pam, is as devout as they come. We have never argued about religion. Undoubdetly, she will leave with a "bang", I will go with a "whimper". Sigh ...

5. At the old age of 70, I have have finally found what I want to be in life: "A door opener".

6. I love dreaming about blue skies; and I love other people who dream.

7. I am only happy when I am creating something that pleases me.

8. When I see prominent business people like Bill Gates, I never see business magnates or heads of corporate America. Instead, I imagine them as little boys --- tinkerers and more curious than the rest.

9. I think way tooooo much and way too deeply. (Wait, this is supposed to be 10 things you don't know abo me). My escape is movies. I see way too many of them.

10. I am the most private of persons and have never been good in company. I have zero ability for chit chat. An ex-business partner summed my social-personality up well as "as a stick in the mud".

The Lili Effect said...

1. I'm with you Garcia - can't watch scary movies!

2. When I was a teenager and had to watch scary movies due to peer pressure, I came to the conclusion that you only got killed if you were both naked and alone. So I never took a shower when I was at home alone.....

3. Also like Garcia, I used to work for AT&T. Actually I worked for BellSouth for 8 years and then after the AT&T "merger" (takeover) I only lasted one more year. It was as if the Flintstones had taken over the Jetsons!

4. I can't use electric powered can openers to save my life. I can only use the hand-crank kind.

5. Pets I've had the honor of sharing my life with include: 26 cats, 4 rabbits, 3 dogs, 1 horse and several fish.

5. I've never broken a bone, except deliberately in jaw surgery.

6. I'm teaching myself how to play the ukulele, but i just realized last weekend that I've taught myself backwards (using my left hand on the frets) and now have to start all over again.

7. I have a decent singing voice, and sang through school.

8. I was president of the drama club and LOVE acting on stage. As soon as I "go freelance" with my work I'll be taking that back up again, but not as a day job.

9. The town I grew up in in Ohio was so remote that it had 29 houses in the zip code.

10. I have the hearing of a bat and am incapable of tuning out background noise. This makes a high-interruption or high-noise environment nerve-wracking.

spunkysuzi said...

Here goes:
1. This is my second marriage
2. My husband always vacuums in fact i'm not too sure how to turn it on :)
3. I once worked in the children's department of the public library. Loved it!
4. I was born in England my husband in a Newfie
5. I love to sing out loud when i have my mp3 on
6. I was brought up by my grandparents since i was 2 and they are now both passed away.
7. I have narcolepsy
8. I don't often drink coffee but i love tea
9. I have always loved cooking since i was young
10. I don't shave my legs all winter long :) But i do in the spring!

B said...

1. When I was 10 years old, I won a city-wide checkers tournament. Now, I’m positive a 10 year old could beat me playing checkers.

2. I’m known for singing jazz and R&B, but sometimes I enjoy listening to country music and love Broadway show tunes.

3. I love being in the country, camping and fishing.

4. I love New York City, riding the subway and listening to street musicians.

5. I still love Looney Tunes.

6. MOVIES: I have seen Hitchcock’s “North By Northwest” at least a couple of hundred times (maybe more). I like a couple of old westerns and can’t count how many times I’ve seen them: “The Magnificent Seven”, “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.

7. My favorite cat was all white and named, “Alaska”. He thought he was a dog.

8. I used to have a commercial driver’s license. Secretly, I want a to own a pick-up truck (for me, but I would share it with hubby if he’s a good boy)!

9. I’ve won a couple of awards: a Billboard Songwriting Contest “Honorable Mention” award and I still write songs and poetry. All sit in a notebook waiting to be unearthed one day. A Drama Guild award for best actress in high school. Who knows where that one is?

10. A cooking contest bread category award: Dark N’ Sweet Bran Muffins, sadly the recipe was lost during a move. The joy for me really IS in the creating…LOL

Garcia said...

Lili!! How strangely coincidental! I also have had a long-lived fear of showering when I'm the only one home. Funny thing is I never caved to the peer pressure of watching horror flicks - 'cause I was THAT big of a chicken! I think my shower fear comes from the Psycho shower scene. I've never seen the whole movie, but I some how managed to see that scene!

I am REALLY enjoying reading everyone's comments!! Thanks so much for ALL of your replies!!

Taflin said...

I use a post office box and have a court-order removing my address from public records so the criminals I supervise cannot locate my residence. Although, Garcia could probably find it.

Since my husband and I got married 17 years ago(1st and only marriage for both), we have bought, lived in and sold eight houses. I have a hard time staying in one place; however, with the state of the economy, we might be in this one a while.

I described myself as an empath although never officially been diagnosed.

I won the "good sportsmanship" award every year from third to sixth grade.

The older I get, the more I enjoy the company of my dogs.

I like falling asleep to the radio which I think stems from when my Dad used to read us bedtime stories. I love listening to George Noory and Art Bell and miss listening to Mystery Theater.

My husband is my complete opposite which keeps things interesting.

I get an adrenaline rush from the dangers of my job.

I am extremely independent and would never ask for help from anyone. I insist on making it through life on my own.

I play the flute and earned 1st chair in 10th grade.

Garcia, this is fun; wish more people would have responded. I think you need to re-post it.

justagirl said...

A bit late, but here goes! I'll try not to be too deep. ;) Fun game!

1. I suffer from severe arachnophobia.

2. I stopped watching scary movies after Amnityville Horror (the most recent one). I made Peter wake up with me for two weeks straight whenever I had to go to the bathroom.

3. I'm sometimes a bit ashamed I don't live up to the ideals I carry around in my mind of what the perfect mother would be.

4. I love being lazy. If I were allowed to, I'd lounge around all day, everyday, daydreaming.

5. I'm very sensitive, but I will usually never let anyone know they have hurt me.

6. I love board games, but I'm a sore loser.

7. I like to cuss. I know it's wrong and I know it is not the most intelligent or eloquent form of expression, but sometimes nothing feels as cathartic as dropping the F-bomb.

8. In my marriage I am the selfish partner. In no other relationship have I been more selfish as a counterpart than in my marriage (I usually try to out give, so I don't feel as if I owe debts to anyone). I do work hard to restore the balance of giving in my house though.

9. I prefer to take baths, because sometimes I'm too lazy to stand in the shower.

10. I get crushes easily.

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