Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day Folly

Be aware Ask Garcia readers! Today is that day when you could become the unsuspecting target of a joke, prank or hoax!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

There are many theories as to the origin of April Fool’s Day.

Following are a few links to articles you can read about some of the more popular theories:



Fox News

National Geographic

The Straight Dope

I’d love to hear some stories from you about April Fool’s pranks you have played on others or jokes or pranks that have been played on you!

Please click on the comment button below and let me hear from you!
Enjoy this day of fun and folly!

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The Path Traveled said...

Several years ago, I stretched clear plastic wrap across the tolet, raised the lid so it looked like his natural area, and when the hubby got up in the early morning....Oh my!
I also tolet papered his entire office inside, blew up as many baloons as I could, and shut the door...

smcginniss said...

April Fool's is always a big thing at our house. One year I carved a block of cheese to look like soap and left it in the shower for my wife. One year she made me cupcakes but they were really little meatloafs. click here to see our pranks from a couple of years ago:

Fun times! -steve

Garcia said...

Oh my goodness!! Those stories are GREAT guys! Thank you so much for sharing them!!!!

justagirl said...

Okay, this one is kinda sad and I was the butt of the joke:

I liked a boy I worked with. His sister worked there as well. She must have told him that I liked him (work gossip). Well, I went in that day and she told me he was in the break room and wanted to ask me out. I went in and he made a speech about how he thought I was so pretty and how he had had a crush on me too. And then he asked me how I felt. What did I do? I revealed myself just as passionately, maybe even more so. He kept a straight face the whole way through. At the very end he says: "April Fool's!" and started laughing. I locked him in the walk-in freezer later that day...sent him in to get a flavor of ice cream that I "needed" and then BLAM, closed the door and put the pin in.

That is my only April Fool's story.

But, I do like a good practical joke, not mean spirited, throughout the year. I once called my sis-in-law imitating her great-aunt and proceeded to inform here that I was suffering from diarrhea...Sis-in-law's response: "OH...well--umm." I couldn't hold in my laughter any longer at this point.

Our cat is very big, very, very big. We were chatting one day about weight loss and I told her Mr. Rumple has all this extra skin. And then I told her, in a very serious voice: "I think we are going to look into cosmetic surgery for all the extra skin when he is done losing the weight." {Silence on the phone}

Queen Gwennie said...

Those were hilarious!! Unfortunately my life is not that exciting. No practical jokes to report here but thanks for sharing guys! Oh Garcia, did I miss seeing your joke?!

Leah said...

I love April Fool's day, but was stuck in bed! :( Maybe I can get away with a belated joke this weekend. I might try your friend's cheese soap idea. That is sooooooo funny!!

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