Sunday, April 29, 2012

In My Seat

I received this video in an email
and almost deleted it 
without watching it first.

I am so glad I didn't.

Please take the time to watch this video.

Watch it when you are not rushed.
You probably haven't ever seen it before.

 It is about a pilot who was supposed to be on 
American Airlines Flight 11 the morning of 9/11. 

Flight 11 was the first Boeing 767 to fly into one of the buildings at the World Trade Center on 9/11. 

It is unlike anything I have 
seen, read or heard
 about 9/11.

It really is one incredible story 
that must be shared.  

(Please turn up the volume on your speaker)

Friday, April 27, 2012

All "Good" People Don't Go To Heaven

All "Good" People Don't Go To Heaven

Do you know someone who believes that 
all they need to do to get to heaven is be a "good" person?
Or maybe you believe that yourself?

What does it mean to be a "good" person?
Following the Ten Commandments?

This short video might help you to understand
what it really takes to get to heaven

(click on the link below to watch)

Watch and Be Blessed!

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's How You See It
Author Unknown

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet.  He had a sign which read: "I am blind. Please Help."  There were only a few coins in the hat.
When a man came walking by, he took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat.  Then he took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words on the back.  He put the sign where it was, so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up.  A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. 
That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were going.  The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, "Were you the one who changed my sign this morning?  What did you write?"
The man said, "I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way.  I wrote: 'Today is a beautiful day, but I cannot see it.
'"Both signs told people the same thing... that the boy was blind.  But the first sign simply said the boy was blind.  The second sign told people they were extremely fortunate that they were not blind.  Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?
Moral of the Story: 
Be thankful for what you have.
Be creative.  Be innovative.  Think differently and positively.
When life gives you a reason to cry, show life that you have 100 reasons to smile.  Face your past without regret.  Handle your present with confidence.  Prepare for the future without fear.
Keep the faith and drop the fear... just remember God is Near!
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