Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good-Bye Southern Living! So Long Insecurity!

Hi Ya'll! Ha! Now, won't it be funny when I move back North next week and I'm still saying things like Ya'll?  Well, you can't live in the South for 5 years without picking up a few local phrases here and there, right?  One of my all time favorite sayings down here in the South is: "Bless Your Heart" - and the jury (in my mind at least!) is still out as to precisely what that means... but, I digress! 

What I really wanted to talk about today is the Beth Moore book I just finished reading called So Long, Insecurity: You've Been a Bad Friend to Us   I just can't begin to say enough about this book and the impact it has had on my life!  And, being as short as I am on time right now while trying to prepare for my move, rather than write a full out review of my own, I'm going to include a few links to reviews for you to read at your leisure:

Review From Publisher's Weekly:
Prolific Bible teacher and women’s ministry leader Moore (Get Out of That Pit) moves away from her characteristic dead-on expositions of scriptural principles in her newest; the topic is insecurity, and the content, she admits, is close to an autobiography. Moore, always transparent with her own personal struggles, is refreshingly so throughout this text. Readers will be chortling in laughter one moment and sucking air the next as Moore exposes the many faces of female insecurity. The author names and claims each one, then defuses every bit of power these nonsensical inner voices possess by countering their lies with God’s truth. Women, no matter what their age, battle against advertising’s siren call for unattainable physical perfection; the habit of making a man’s love the ultimate validation; and the worldly definition of success as money, power, and status. Moore uses personal essays, women’s true confessions, expressive prayers, and lots of commonsense suggestions to jar women out of their insecure rut. Readers will delve into this work and find themselves comfortably uncomfortable, and this is a very good thing.

I read this life altering book along with seven other woman from my church.  We met weekly to discuss what we had read and to share our thoughts, feelings and experiences with each other.  We followed along online at the LPM blog and answered discussion questions that were specific to each of the chapters we had read that week.

Insecurity is toxic and destructive and robs more joy from the lives of women (and men too!) than probably anything else I can think of!  It ruins lives, destroys relationships and basically  prohibits you from living your life to its fullest!
I highly recommend this book, and if at all possible, I also suggest you look for a site near you that is hosting the So Long Insecurity Live Simulcast on Saturday, April 24, 2010.  Click HERE to find a host site near you!

Hopefully, a few of the lovely ladies from the study group I attended will pop on here and leave some comments as to how this book and study has impacted their lives.  I can attest that for me, this book has given me the knowledge I needed as well as exposing the power and strength I never knew was there all along.  I am now ready to continue the battle against insecurity all the way to its defeat!

Thank you for stopping by today! If insecurity is an issue that you struggle with, I hope you'll pick up a copy of this book and learn how you too can win the battle!

Your POSITIVE thoughts and comments are always welcome. Please keep comment 'language' family-friendly. Thank you in advance for your feedback!


apurefire said...

Hey Garcia, as one of the "lovely" ladies in our group I cannot tell you just how much I enjoyed our group. It was an amazing time of discovery of ourselves and each other. I know for me, this book has changed my life. Seriously. I now know that no matter what has happened in my past, God has given me strength and dignity and no one can take it from me. I can however, surrender it. But that's something I will be on my guard about from this day forward. The book has also taught me how to recognize insecurities in others and by knowing that, I can extend grace when it's needed.

We're sure going to miss you but thankfully we'll still have the blog! Love ya'!

Garcia said...

Thank you lovely lady! You are definitely without a doubt clothed with strength & dignity!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome book. What an awesome God we have. He knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us more than we love ourselves! The line Beth draws between self loathing and pride hits too close to home as I realize this truth. If my Savior calls me beloved, worthy of his deepest interest, so much so that He was willing to die to be with me, who am I to say different?! 
How exciting to see the transforming power of God’s word set our little group free from the torture that our own insecurity has caused us. I have seen us girls bravely (Holy Spirit empowered) face some of the deepest hurts and worst of fears. We now realize that as we play it through to the end – He is still there, He still loves us, and He still and always has our best in mind. He Never, Never allows something to cross our path that isn’t for our good and His glory. Oh! How I love Him!
Now we know that as long as we are on this earth we will probably deal with some insecurity. As Beth puts it, this world is a scary place and our fallen selves are always vulnerable to hurt and pain. We can trust that we will face trouble, sickness, rejection, loss, fear . . . . but more than that we know WE CAN TRUST HIM – PERIOD. No exceptions, no conditions. So we will press on, loving and supporting our sisters to live the life of a secure woman, leaving for our daughters a legacy of godly confidence and beauty. Thank you Lord for how you Love us and lead us!
Garcia, we will miss you! Your testimony of faith and your determination to seek the face of your God and live the life He intended for you is an inspiration. Our time with was too short, but we know we have forever. You will never be rid of the little part of the South that is now in your heart – we know where to find you! Praising Him for Facebook and blogs! - E

Queen Gwennie said...

Ahh my dear Garcia -well, bless your little heart! You can take the girl out of the South but you can not take the South out of the girl. Sorry you are forever stuck with your little twinge of Southern dialect and your wonderful, lovely bible study gals (hope this does not make you insecure). Anyway, I absolutely loved this book and the experience to share it with some beautiful women. Insecurity and I go waaay back, we were friends since high school!! For years I let insecurity rob me of my dignity. Proverbs 31 has painted a beautiful portrait of me and I know that insecurity will try to come back every so often and take this away from me. But now that I know what to look for, I am determined not to let that happen. Now I can confidently and courageously move with passion to the purpose God has planned for me because I am clothed with strength and dignity; I can laugh at the days to come. (Proverbs 31:25) Garcia, you know I just love to sit in the mall (any mall) and people watch. Thanks to Beth Moore's book and our bible study, this taken people watching to a whole new level!!

The Path Traveled said...

What nice comments, Garcia...Takes some of the words out of my mouth but makes me wish I could have sat in on some of your group sessions. What part of our map are you moving? Will still be keeping up with you in here and NM...Bless your heart for all your kindness and friendship threw your writing.

Garcia said...

Oh THANK YOU all my lovelies! I knew I could count on you! You're such a blessing!!!

Thank you Path Less Traveled! I'm moving back to the North East

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