Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today's Mission: To Live and To Love

Earlier this morning, while I was listening to my favorite radio station, KLOVE, I heard the song We Live by Superchick from their album Beauty From Pain 1.1. (You can click on the album link to the left and listen to the song online if you scroll down that page a bit.)

This is the first verse of the song:

There’s a cross on the side of the road
Where a mother lost a son
How could she know that morning he left
Would be the last time she’d trade with him for a little more time
So she could say she loved him one more time
And hold him tight
But with life we never know
When we’re coming to the end of the road
So what do we do then
With tragedy around the bend?

Life is cerainly like that, isn't it? We don't know from one moment to the next whether there will even be a next moment for ourselves or those we love.

The following is an excerpt from an article by Deanna Mascle which speaks well about the importance of living and loving everyday to our fullest capacity:

If you knew today was your last day then what would you do? I'm not suggesting you quit your job, tell off the neighbors or stop paying your bills, but rather to look at the areas of your life that matter most to you. You know what they are and while there are certainly common areas they are also as individual as humans. Do more every day to appreciate and enjoy the people and activities that make your life worth living.

How often do you tell those closest to you how much they matter to you? Do you say "I love you" every day? When did you last embrace the person that is nearest to your heart? When did you last simply spend time together?

Treat yourself well at least once a day. I do not mean you need to splurge and buy yourself a present every day, but rather to give yourself some time every day to relax and enjoy life whether it is reading a book, watching the sunset, or snuggling with your dog.

What regrets would you have and what dreams would be unfulfilled? Remember, putting off your hopes and wishes for future years can well mean you never give them a chance. Find a way to follow your dreams and live the life you desire.

Finally, take a look at your life and root out the causes of your distress and unhappiness. No matter whether you live one day, one year, or one hundred years, life is simply too short to spend it with people you do not like and/or doing things that make you unhappy. Change your life now and may your next 100 years be filled with joy.

Live every day as if it were your last and make sure to tell and show your loved ones how much you care, treat yourself well, pursue your dreams, and jettison the life-wasting debris in your life. May we all live our lives to the fullest.

So that, my friends, is our mission for today: TO LIVE & TO LOVE. Remember, every day we have on this Earth is a gift. Hug your children, as they head out the door (yes, even your teenager's, they only pretend to hate it), tell someone who's had an impact on your life how much they've meant to you, be kinder than necessary never forgetting everyone is fighting their own battles and if you see a stranger without a smile, give him one of yours. Oh, and thank your Maker while you're at it... He never get's tired of hearing from you!

Each and every one of you is very special to me!
((((HUGS))) to you all!



The Path Traveled said...

Oh beautiful! You are a refreshing blessing in your writing. The last day on earth should be a celebration, knowing that the kingdom of God will be a better place with no pain, no sin, no guilt, no worries. I will be with all I love, those who have gone before me and those who will come afterwards. Thank you for a beautiful post. By the way klove is my favorite station also.

Leah said...

Our community just tragically lost a teenage boy so you really got me! As I fight back my tears from reading this, I'm heading out into my day and I'm taking a smile to share with everyone. Thanks Garcia!!

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